Defamation claims

The firm is consistently ranked among the top leading Israeli law firms in defamation law. The firm's experience and in-depth knowledge of media and the press allow its clients to recieve not only professional representation in legal proceedings and libel cases, but also close support and personal legal advice in the strategic and media sphere, for optimal management in times of reputation crisis. The firm regularly handles significant libel claims and represents publishers in the press industry, major commercial companies and private individuals including prominent public figures.

Clients in the press sector use the firm's expertise in the field, not only in the libel claims management phase, but also in the form of preliminary legal advice provided to the editors and journalists in the initial stages of formulating content and journalistic material for the purpose of publishing investigative articles.

The firm is regularly rated by Dun & Bradstreet and BDI as a leading firm in defamation law.

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