About the Firm

The boutique law firm Zeev Liond & Co. best known for its litigation services, and is one of the most prominent and well-known law firms in Israel in the fields of journalism, libel and intellectual property law. The firm also operates for many years in real estate and commercial law.

Among the professional values emphasized by the firm of meticulousness and thoroughness alongside high availability and fast service, is also the ability to delve into each and every client’s specific needs,  in order to be able to provide the client with the desired results.


Attorney Zeev Liond has been leading and managing the firm for almost 30 years. He began his career in 1975 after graduating from Tel Aviv University, as an intern with the late attorney Samuel Tamir, and later became his partner. Adv. Liond has extensive experience in litigation on a variety of issues, and has handled complex cases in a wide range of fields, in addition to handling acquisition and merger agreements, real estate transactions and representation in planning and construction proceedings in all law courts.


Practice Areas

The firm is well known for its experience and capabilities in the areas of media and press law, and provides ongoing legal services to prominent media outlets in print, T.V. and digital platforms.

The firm has a long-standing tradition of providing litigation services in all legal cases, including representation before the High Court, Arbitration, Appeals Committees and Planning and Construction Institutions.


Alongside the prominent litigation activity, the firm's clients also receive close professional service in the commercial area, from close legal guidance to ongoing business activities, to leading complex mergers and acquisitions transactions, Antitrust issues, as well as founding and investment agreements.


The firm also has significant activity in the field of real estate, with emphasis on real estate projects, combination transactions and self-construction, accompanying buyer groups in all required legal aspects, as well as evacuation-construction projects, consolidation and distribution procedures, registration of joint homes and more.


The firm pro bono activities focuses on legal aid to nonprofits organizations operating in the sports and fan communities, in recognition of the importance of  Strengthening and promoting transparency and good governance in Israeli sports organizations. The firm assists in establishing fan corporations that maintain educational activities to promote positive leadership through the connection of community and sport.  "Hyatzia” organization, represented by Attorney Dor Liond, has only recently won a precedent petition against the Israeli Football Association, which was charged under the ruling, to publicly enforce the financial statements of the football clubs in the two major leagues.


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